Featured Door Style - TSC-50 Narrow Rail

TSC-50 Series (Narrow)

The TSC-50 Series door has a recessed (1/4") flat panel design. Traditionally crafted with a 2 ½ inch standard rail, the TSC-50 exhibits remarkable versatility. An emerging trend has seen a shift to a narrow rail design ranging from ¾ - 1 ¼ inch rails, resulting in a sleek and modern appearance with sharp, defined edges.

The TSC-50 Narrow Rail door style is also cut to a depth of 1/8 inch and should be ordered as a TSC-50-.125“ deep.

These narrower rail sizes are particularly appealing on smaller drawer fronts. Historically, smaller drawer fronts often had to be flat (slab drawers) due to the challenges of maintaining proportionality with a larger rail. The introduction of the narrow rail now allows for a consistent and polished aesthetic across a wide range of cabinetry styles.

Available exclusively in the classic design, the TSC-50 Series door provides a timeless touch to any space. When placing an order, please specify the desired rail size to ensure a tailored solution for your project.

For larger doors, customization options include multiple panels. Specify the preferred number of panels and choose between a single or double dividing rail for added personalization.

We recommend:

  • exterior edge profiles: 1/16”R, 1/8”R, and “B” edge profiles. 
  • 7/8 inch raw MDF to allow room for the hinge holes to be drilled on the back. 
  • recessed back (back rails will be done at 2 1/2 inches).

Please specify your preferences when placing an order.