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Technical Details


Doors may be ordered in imperial or metric measurements. Maximum height for a single panel door is 72”. If a door is ordered between 72” - 96”, it should be ordered as a double panel. Please specify how many panels you prefer. 

Flat Panel Doors 

All door profiles are available in flat panel classic design also. Just order your doors and specify flat panel (eg. 8000 flat panel). This will give you a door that has the 8000 rail profile, but the center panel will be recessed like a shaker style door instead of a raised panel. Flat panel doors are only available in the classic design. Since flat panel doors are recessed 3/8” into the face of the MDF, they may require some extra sanding and/or finishing due to the lower density in the core.

Glass Door Frames

All of our Glass Door Frames are carefully made to perfectly match our door styles. We rebate and groove the back of the door to accept 3mm thick glass panels and a clear vinyl panel retainer which is supplied at no extra charge. No more messy silicone to deal with.


In order to maximize the center raised panel surface, all drawer fronts are machined with 1” wide top & Bottom rails and the side rails will match your doors. The minimum height for these drawer fronts is 6”. If you request that the top & bottom rails be the full 2” wide, order it as a door. The minimum height for these doors is 8”. Any door or drawer below these heights can be produced without routering a panel, order these as a “Slab” drawer front. Drawer fronts may also be ordered as flat panel, see flat panel doors for details. 

Shaker Doors 

Large doors may have to be recessed (1/16” deep) on the backside to prevent warping. Drawer fronts less than 6” high or wide must be ordered as a slab. Open frames and 4-12 lite glass frames are also available. Single and double beaded panels are available on all shaker style doors and drawer fronts. 

Edge Profiles 

Standard edges shown can be added as an option. 

Melamine Back 

High quality white melamine backed MDF is available as an option upon request. Melamine back is only available on 3/4” thick doors. 

French Doors 

Open frames, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, & 14 lite glass doors are available in most styles. We router out and groove the back of these doors for a single glass inlay, as well as supply the vinyl panel retainer to hold in the glass. 

Microwave/Oven Frames & Wainscoting Panels

We also offer precision machined appliance face frames and wainscoting that will match the MDF doors for that professional finishing touch. Send a sketch along with your order/quote and let us price it for you. 

Terms and Conditions 

Orders can be picked up, or shipped prepaid and invoiced to customer. We accept E-transfers (preferred), Cash and Cheques. Contact us if you require another form of payment. Net 30 days (on approved accounts). 


Whenever possible, goods should be inspected upon arrival and deficiencies noted on bill of lading. Notice of shortages, defective or damaged goods must be made within two working days. 

Service orders will be given “Rush” priority, and invoiced. Defective merchandise will be credited upon return to our plant or inspected by a CNC Woodcraft Ltd. representative.