6000 series
6000 series

6000 series

The 6000 Series door is a double pass square corner.
Available in all door designs (drawer fronts must be classic design only).
The standard rail width is 2" (edge of door to start of rail profile) please specify if different width is required.
The profile cut width is 1 1/4" wide.
For doors and full rail drawer fronts, the minimum width and height is 7 1/4" (leaves a 3/4" center panel).
Drawer fronts have a 1" top & bottom rail. The minimum height is 5 1/4" (leaves a 3/4" center panel).
Drawer fronts under these measurements should be ordered as a SLAB drawer front.
For full rail drawer fronts, order as a door.
Doors may be ordered in imperial or metric measurements.
Maximum width is 48" Maximum height is 96".
Larger doors can be made with double panels. Please specify how many panels you prefer and single or double dividing rail.
All outside edge profiles (lips) are available on this door. Please specify when ordering
Can be ordered with raw MDF back or 110 gram white melamine back.
All doors & drawer fronts made from 3/4" premium all softwood MDF.