CP-100 series
CP-100 series

CP-100 series

The CP-100 Series door is a multiple pass square corner
Available only in classic door design
The rail width is fixed at 2 1/2" and is not adjustable(edge of door to start of rail profile)
The profile cut width is 1 7/8" wide
For doors and full rail drawer fronts, the minimum width and height is 91/2" (leaves a 3/4" center panel)
Drawer fronts under these measurements should be ordered as a SLAB drawer front.
Doors may be ordered in imperial or metric measurements
Maximum width is 48" Maximum height is 96"
Outside edge profile is not variable
Available in 3/4" Raw MDF, 3/4" White Melamine & 7/8" Raw MDF* *7/8" Raw MDF is recommended due to the cut depth on the rail