CP-112 Series
CP-112 Series

CP-112 Series

Available in classic design only
The standard rail width is 2 1/2" (see drawing). Please specify if different width is required
The inside step is 3/16" x 3/4" wide with a slight radius on both inside edges
The minimum width and height for door (A) and drawer fronts (D) is 8" (leaves a 1 1/2" centre panel)
Drawer front (B) is a slab front
Drawer front (C) shown with a 1" top & bottom rail. The minimum height is 5 1/2" (leaves a 2" centre panel)
All outside edge profiles (lips) are available
Available in 3/4" raw, 3/4" white melamine back, & 7/8" raw MDF
Mullion glass frame doors are not available in this style